Make your dream home a perfect getaway.

Building a new custom home or adding on to your current home can easily make you feel overwhelmed. So many decisions….So many deadlines.  And nothing makes your heart sink faster than a day passing without any progress toward the home of your dreams.

You want everything to come together on time…and on budget.

To minimize stress and costly delays, put Herman Gulezyan and I.D.L. Home on your team.  We will establish the home construction process under your control, monitor quality, and keep your home construction project on schedule and on budget.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Prepare quality estimates for you or your financial institution.

  • Help you secure bids from contractors and suppliers at wholesale prices.

  • Advise you on steps necessary to complete the job.

  • Help in scheduling to ensure work is completed in the right order.

  • Inspect the work with you or on your behalf for quality and progress.

  • Work exclusively for you, with all savings and discounts passed on to you.

  • Identify existing construction problems and help in correcting the problem.


Our home construction consulting mission

I.D.L. Home is dedicated to the highest quality code approved building standards in the greater Southern California area. We believe in and offer code-certified training and building services for the builder and the buyer. Included in this website is a detailed account of our services.

Our pledge at I.D.L. Home is to provide the highest quality and standards in the Southern California and Orange County home construction industry. Our firm provides everything a potential home buyer or builder would need to be successful in home construction

I.D.L. Home Construction and Residential Building Consultants work exclusively for you and provide construction consulting services tailored to meet the needs of you and your home. For years we’ve been providing peace of mind as we consult for architects and residential home owner builders in Orange County and throughout Southern California.



Your dream home getaway is waiting.

Get professional home construction consulting help and peace of mind for your project today.